Club Competitions

Each year there are normally five competitions for members of the club only. This year four of these five competitions will again consist of a 'round robin', possibly followed by a final, with the two singles competitions taking place on the same day. The exact format will depend on the number of entries, but will consist of one or two groups, each of whose members will play everyone else in their group, followed by a final between the winners of the two groups, or, possibly, between the leading players of the single group. In this way all players will have several matches, helping to make the afternoon an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Club Pairs, however, will take the form of a knockout competition, with early rounds being played on dates agreed by the competitors, and the semi-finals and final taking place on a single day as the culmination of the season.

The dates for the various competitions are as follows:




Sunday May 14th

Thornton's Pavilion Trophy

for members playing in pairs drawn from those entering

Saturday July 8th

Kenneth Hall Memorial Trophy

for members playing in pairs drawn from those entering

Saturday August 19th

Ladies' Singles Cup

for lady members playing alone


President's Trophy

for gentlemen members playing alone

Sunday October 1st

Club Pairs Cup

for members playing in pairs (entered as pairs)


(semi-finals and final)


In addition to these competitions, the club will be hosting its 5th Invitation Tournament for the Silver Jack Trophy on Sunday August 6th.

The club is also hosting its 2nd Open Competition on Sunday September 24th, with cash prizes of up to £100.

Finally, the annual competition for the Flint Trophy between bowlers and golfers did not take place this year.

The result of each competition will be posted here immediately after the conclusion of the event. Full details can be obtained by clicking on the name of the competition.

The Thornton's Pavilion Trophy was won by Wendy Knowles and Miles Ellis
The Kenneth Hall Memorial Trophy was won by Tricia Walton and Mike Yarnell
Ladies' Singles Cup was won by Chris Reeve
The President's Trophy was won by
Ian McNaught
Club Pairs Cup was not awarded to anyone this year

The Invitation Tournament was won by Marian Cousins (MGC) and Noel Shakeshaft (Whitworth Park)
Open Competition was won by Mandy Wilks (Bolsover Castle) and Clive Almond (Highfield)

Last Updated on 10th October